We specialize in custom cable assemblies, sheet metal, 
machined components, and RF connectors.


Our customers include turnkey and OEM manufacturers. We specialize in custom cable assemblies, sheet metal, machined components, and RF connectors. We can provide both large production quantities as well as quick-turn requirements.  




Since 1998 Copper-Burton, Inc. has specialized in custom cable assemblies, sheet metal, machined components, and RF connectors. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality products, on-time delivery and competitive pricing. We meet with engineers to assist in component selection and offer advice on solutions to lower product cost and reduce lead-times. 

Copper-Burton, Inc. services customers in the United States, Mexico, and Asia. 


machined components

•CNC Milling, Turning, Lathe
•Prototype and Production
•On-time Delivery
•USA and Offshore Production


•Industry Standard RF Connectors
•Custom RF Designs
•Standard or Custom RF Adaptors
•ODM and OEM Services

sheet metal

•CNC Punching, Forming, Laser Cutting
•Quality Welding, Box Builds, Chassis
•Assembly and Installation
•Silk-Screening and Painting


•USA & Offshore Production/Prototyping
•Packaging Support and Box Build
•PCB Design/Layout
•PCA SMT & Thru-hole Assembly 

Custom cable assembly

•Quick-turn Capability
•Sample & Prototype Availability
•USA and Offshore Production 
•Cost Reduction Recommendations

injection molding

•Plastic Injection Molding
•Tooling and Manufacturing
•Design and Fabrication
•Large Assembly Services 

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Copper-Burton, Inc. has been successful by providing our customers with a complete solution. Customers are drawn and remain with us because of our quality and material management experience, which allows us to reduce cost and manage lead time.